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Nicaragua is the widest country of the Central America and it is considered the place of lakes and volcanoes.

This consideration comes from then presence in the country of many volcanoes. Near them there are wonderful natural parks (es. Volcan Masaya, Mombacho) and fit tourist structures and big lakes where the most important one is the Cocibolca.

In the common thought it is still associated to the social disorder and the guerrilla during the period of the sandinista revolution; on the contrary now Nicaragua has become one of the quietest and most secure countries of Central America.

It isn't encroached from the tourists yet and offers to the visitor wonderful natural places dipped in the rigogliosa tropical vegetation. Take a look in our tours to organize your travel to this beautiful country.

In Nicaragua there are many famous natural parks, for example the park of the Volcan Masaya or the park of Mombacho; there are also some beautiful beaches by the Ocean Pacific coast or in Ometepe Island.

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